AIM Services, Inc....
AIM Services, Inc....
is dedicated to supporting the power of potential in people with disabilities!
Power of Potential
Power of Potential
Achieving goals with
self-confidence and well-being!
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Employment Opportunities
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To conduct, document, summarize and present internal monitoring and audits as necessary to ensure the quality...

To work as a part of the Self Direction team with a common goal of putting people first.  Your primary...

To provide confidential, accurate, timely secretarial support to the Community Services Director and Community Services Department....

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Welcome to AIM Services, Inc.

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June MacClelland
Executive Director

On behalf of AIM Services, Inc., I would like to say welcome. We are a non-profit agency that provides services to individuals with disabilities; from developmental to traumatic brain injury, but we also do so much more.

I could take up your time telling you about Our Mission and how many people we serve in the community, but what you really want to know is what do we do, why do we do it, and why you should support us or utilize our services. So instead, I’m going to tell you a story.

The phone rings and it’s the police. Those dreaded words you never want to hear come next. “Hello, I’m trooper so and so, I’m sorry to inform you, but your 20 year-old son has been in a car accident and they are flying him to Albany Medical Center with a severe head injury.”

Everything stops. You can’t breathe. You ask yourself, “Is this real?” You feel as if your life has just crumbled in front of you. You are scared and you don’t know what to do next. Off to the hospital you go, visions and fears overwhelm you. You ask yourself “What if he’s not alright, what do we do?”

You get to the hospital; he’s badly hurt and in a coma. Weeks go by and he finally comes out of his coma, but he can’t speak intelligibly, his arms and legs move, but not in a controlled manner, and he can barely maneuver in a wheelchair.

You have a two-story home, with six steps just to get into the house, and no help at home. What next?

The doctors say you have some choices; a rehab facility for a few months (if your insurance covers), a nursing home, or you can try to get help through some sort of public health community health provider. You think to yourself “How can these be the only choices for my boy?”

You meet a social worker who introduces you to a market full of private-funded solutions and tells you your son can most likely become Medicaid eligible. She tells you about an agency, such as AIM Services, Inc., who can provide you with a Service Coordinator.

The Service Coordinator introduces you to a bunch of ideas; Community Support Services, Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver,  Nursing Home Transition Diversion Waiver, an environmental modification to fix the stairs or add a ramp (so he can come into your home), Respite Services (so you can leave your home and go grocery shopping), Independent Living Skills Training to teach him new skills and help him be as independent as possible, or a placement in a residential home; not an institution but an actual residential home with trained staff to help him achieve his personal goals and unlock his “power of potential”.

This is what we do at AIM Services, Inc. We put individuals with their own mosaic of challenges in the center of their own support circle and we design a person-centered support plan to help them achieve their goals with self-confidence and well-being. We’re here to help, Contact Us!